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Please note: We will be closed from Tue 25 July up to and including Sat. 29 July.

Welcome to South Africa's new brand of home brewing supplies!

Brew for Africa is a new brand of home brewing products on the South African market. Until recently South African home brewers were forced to rely on a limited range of products imported from overseas, through a limited number of distributors who monopolized the local market. This has now changed with the introduction of a range of brand new South African home brewing products.

Brew for Africa home brewing products are manufactured locally whenever possible. By keeping things local, Brew for Africa stimulates the South African economy, helps create employment and business opportunities for South Africans, and helps to realize South Africa's great potential.

Our locally manufactured brewing ingredients are also fresher, offer better value for money, and are tailor-made to the South African palate. "Local is lekker", and at Brew for Africa we believe that should apply to homebrewed beers as well.

All our products can be ordered online via our website. We deliver country-wide.


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