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Beer Styles.pdf Is a Bock a lager or an ale? And what about a Porter, a Weizen or a Blonde American? This overview tells you exactly what's what. 94.16KB 2017/07/01
Morgans Beer Kits.pdf An overview of the Morgan's range of beer kits supplied by Brew For Africa. 525.66KB 2017/07/01
Manual Starter Brewery.pdf Lost your copy of our Starter Brewery manual? Spilt beer all over it? Download it here! 944.89KB 2017/07/01
Manual Apple Cider.pdf Lost your Apple Cider manual before you had a chance to brew it? Download it here! 156.92KB 2017/07/01
Beer Kit Brew Blend Instructions.pdf Got your starter brewery somewhere else, but have since purchased a Morgan's beer kit and Brew For Africa brew blend and don't know how to brew with them? Find out here. 131.55KB 2017/07/01
Brewing With Spices And Herbs1.pdf For full grain brewers only (we're working on one for the kit brewers as well). 83.46KB 2017/07/01
Which Blend with Each Kit.pdf With so many Morgans beer kits and Brew For Africa brew blends, it can become a bit confusing as to which blend goes with which kit... download our easy to view chart. 152.83KB 2017/07/01
Your Next Brew and Tips.pdf Some tips to make your brewing experience easier and more fun. 244.93KB 2017/07/01
PreHydrating Dried Yeast.pdf Sometimes yeast works better if it is pre-hydrated before use. Find out how to do it correctly by downloading our easy instructions. 138.1KB 2017/07/01
Health Benefits Beer1.pdf Amazing health benefits of beer - the simple chart version. 363.15KB 2017/07/01
Health Benefits Beer2.pdf Amazing health benefits of beer - the long and detailed version, with examples of trials. 89.22KB 2017/07/01
BFA Recipe Packs.pdf Overview of all RECIPE PACKS currently sold by Brew For Africa (also see individual recipes). 561.51KB 2017/07/01
Safale_S-04.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Fermentis Safale S-04 yeast. 172.33KB 2017/07/01
Safale_US-05.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Fermentis Safale US-05 yeast. 89.49KB 2017/07/01
Safbrew_WB-06.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Fermentis Safbrew WB-06 yeast. 89.53KB 2017/07/01
Saflager_S-23.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Fermentis Saflager S-23 yeast. 174.14KB 2017/07/01
Safbrew_S-33.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Fermentis Safbrew S-33 yeast. 91.42KB 2017/07/01
Safbrew_T-58.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Fermentis Safbrew T-58 yeast. 91.16KB 2017/07/01
Safbrew_Abbaye.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Fermentis Safbrew BE-256 (Abbaye) yeast. 774.7KB 2017/07/01
NottinghamAleYeast.pdf Data sheet and usage instructions for Lallemand/Danstart Nottingham Ale Yeast. 650.44KB 2017/07/01
BrewfermBlanche.pdf Data sheet for Brewferm Blanche yeast. 54.62KB 2017/07/01
TastingSheet.pdf Judging a beer starts with proper tasting notes. This tasting sheet will help you to assess the quality of the beers you brew and to improve on them. 124.78KB 2017/07/01
Brewing-grain-substitution-chart.pdf Not all brewing grains are easily available in South Africa. If your recipe calls for a type of malt you can't find locally, this substitution chart will help you find the closest replacement. 131.58KB 2017/07/01
STC1000_operating_manual.pdf Manual for the STC-1000 Microcontroller. 571.8KB 2017/08/22
STC-1000_ConnectionDiagram.pdf Wiring diagram for the STC-1000 Microcontroller. 107.08KB 2017/08/22
DigThermostatPCB_Manual.pdf Downloadable copy of the manual for the Programmable Digital Thermostat (not STC-1000). 230.25KB 2017/08/25
Carbonation Tablets Table.pdf Table showing number of Homebrew South Africa Carbonation Tablets to add to a brew, depending on bottle size and style of brew (guide only – add more or less to carbonate according to your personal taste). 220.97KB 2017/11/10

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